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A pocket history of United States (Nevins A.)
Doctor Zhivago (Pasternak Boris)
The Captive Heart (Stirling Jessica)
The other side of paradise (Barber Noel)
Harvest of the Sun (Thompson E. V.)
Beth and the Bachelor (Mallery Susan)
When The Pedlar Called (Bowling Harry)
Winter in Madrid (Sansom C. J.)
The Woman Who Left (Cox Josephine)
The Island (Hislop Victoria)
Ugly (Briscoe Constance)
London Belles (Groves Annie)
The best ob Times (Vincenzi Penny)
Evening Class (Binchy Maeve)
A rope in case (Beckwith Lillian)
Scatterlings (Carmody Isobelle)
Her Guiltry Secret (Mather Anne)
Witness (Keley W., Wallace Earl)
Doctor Zhivago (Pasternak Boris)
Rambling On : An Apprentices Guide to the Gift of the Gab (Hrabal Bohumil)
The fifth horseman (Collins L., Lapiere D.)
Bright Day Dawning (Jacobs Anna)
An Equal music (Seth Vikram)
Lovely bones (Sebold Alice)
Twelve Babies on a Bike (Dunn D. May)
Twopenny rainbows (Jacobs Anna)
The railway man (Lomax Eric)
Stories (Chesterton G.K.)
Iron John: A Book About Men (Bly Robert)
The Burning Soul (Connolly John)