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The Sword of the Templars (Christopher Paul)
Crisis Four (McNab Andy)
How to Break 90: The Mental and Tactical Approach (Lewis Beverly)
How to play par threes (Smith Peter)
How to play par fours (Smith Peter)
The Penguin Guide to Fishing (Willock colin ed.)
1805 (Woodman Richard)
The Angels Weep (Smith Wilbur)
Wild Justice (Smith Wilbur)
A Host of Voices (Stokes Doris)
Mistress (Patterson James)
Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell (Bower Tom)
Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (A. E Dyson - editor)
Thackeray: Vanity Fair (Pollard Arthur - editor)
Scottish Witches (Seafield Lily)
The Battle of the Torpedo Boats (Cooper Bryan)
The Desert Crop (Cookson Catherine)
The shining Day (Ross Frank)
The Scorpio Illusion (Ludlum  Robert)
The Last Ride (Eidson Thomas)
The Chosen One (Bourne Sam)
The return of Capitan John Emmett (Speller Elizabeth)
Case Historie (Atkinson Kate)
The Bone-Pedlar (Hamilton Sylvian)
Maisie Dobbs (Winspear Jacqueline)
Waggoner´s Way (Bowling Harry)
Rainbow´s End (Flynn Katie)
Storm Over Rhanna (Fraser Christine Marion)
A Pennyworth of Sunshine (Jacobs Anna)
All Day Energy: Stress-Free Way to Revitalize Your Health (Marsden Kathryn)