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Fish or cut bait (Gardner Erle Stanley)
Eger (Kaiser Ottó, Szabó Ede)
The Bermuda Triangle (Berlitz Charles)
A Pictorial History of the Talkies (Blum Daniel)
A Pictorial History of the Talkies (Blum Daniel)
Circus (MacLean Alistair)
Magic and Myth of the Movies (Tyler Parker)
The Wind Child Factor (Gifford Thomas)
Who Needs Men? (Cooper Edmund)
The Last Battle (Ryan Cornelius)
The Kremlin Letter (Behn Noel)
The Pearl (Steinbeck John)
Courage and other stories (Galsworthy John)
Stories (O.Henry)
The sandglass (Gunesekera Romesh)
Symposium Problems of postmagmatic ore deposition with special reference to the geochemistry of ore veins
The Tree Just Men (Wallace Edgar)
The Dark Crusader (Maclean Alistair)
The Secret Ways (Maclean Alistair)
Fear is the Key (Maclean Alistair)
Breakheart Pass (Maclean Alistair)
When Eight Bells Toll (Maclean Alistair)
The aseptic murders (Brown Carter)
An Axe to Grind (Fair A.A.)
The Breaking Point (Rinehart Mary Roberts)
Murder of bad man (Footner Hulbert)
Marine insurance - study course IC 307
Fräulein Schmidt and Mr. Anstruther
Bedford Village (Allen Hervey)